Friday, December 5, 2008

and another giveaway - win Coffee Corsets!

Heard about this blog giveaway thru Twitter. It's sponsored by the NC Triangle Street Team on their blog. Just click on the team name there to go to their blog and read up about it. You've got between now and December 12th to enter.

And if you haven't seen these Coffee Corsets yet, you're missing out. Go to Jenn Gee!'s shop and check them out, they're very cool. She makes the cutest coffee sleeves with a neat style to them, they lace up like a corset. And just about any color combination and fabric theme you could want. What a cool little holiday gift item. And here's your chance to win some - go and enter now!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Sweet Figments' Giveaway Ends Tonight!

Oh, I've been sadly deficient in my blogging. I must remedy that. But I wanted to remind anyone and everyone that the giveaway from Sweet Figments' blog is ending tonight. Click on the photos on the right to go see what you need to do to enter the contest (blog about a shop and post the link...easy peasy!). There are 30 prizes available - isn't that wonderful?'ve got a few hours left!