Monday, June 30, 2008


On Saturday, Chelsea and I went berry picking at Spiral Path Farm. This is the CSA farm where all our organic goodies come from each week. It was a bit of a drive (like an hour and a half!) but we really wanted to see the farm though. We got up at the crack of dawn and drove forever it seems to way out in the middle of nowhere. Very pretty countryside way out there - and the farm is beautiful. We scrounged around the black raspberry bushes but they were already sort of picked over by the time we got there. We did manage to get some though. Picked up a few extra vegetable goodies, had some mint tea and grape juice...and some really awesome raspberry dessert stuff - yum!

Washed up our rasberries - decided that what we really needed was a pie. Everyone needs raspberry pie, don't they?? : ) Mixed up some crust, then the berries and stuff....and here we have a fresh baked black raspberry pie!

Wow, this was really good......hit the spot. I must tell you though, after the heat, bugs, scratchy bushes and all....I'm much more willing to pay the price at the grocery store for berries!


  1. Hi Avocado! I just love your blog so I'm "tagging" you! Check out my blog for details in my most recent post...have fun! Natha

  2. Wow that looks delicious!

    It must have been fun to pick berries and then make a great pie with them!

  3. That looks so good - you've put me in an agony of desire