Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My lawn is taking over...

The grass is growing like crazy these days. I'm certain it knew that the riding mower quit working and thought it could go run wild and free. We did manage to get the mower serviced and all but I really wanted a bagging attachment so all that long grass didn't clump up all over. Went to Home Depot and bought what I was told was the correct item. Major pain putting the thing together...only to find out it didn't fit. Aagghh! Called the store - they said I needed an adapter. Called the company that makes the mower - they said no, it's the wrong bagger entirely. Oh nuts. Took the darn thing back to the store and went to the dealer where we bought the mower. Got a different bagger. Guess what? I can't get this one to fit right either. I can't stand it - the shop said they'd see about sending someone over to help figure out why this one doesn't fit - that works for me. Gotta love the independent stores - they're very nice and helpful. I did have to end up just mowing the yard - it now looks like a field. Might have to try raking the piles of grass clippings if it doesn't rain. Hopefully we can get this yard looking a bit better than it does - I am so not the "Lawn Ranger" : ) And by the way - Happy Earth Day! Go plant something, recycle or reuse something, get some earth friendly cleaning products...or just something to help the environment today - and keep it up!

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  1. We are trying to remember to turn our lights out when we aren't using them today! We also planted our garden a few days ago too! I can't wait to see if things pop up!

    Happy Earth Day to you!