Tuesday, June 9, 2009

More on the critter...

So...the little critter continues to keep me busy. We've had a couple trips to the vet - once for a check up and another to check on some intestinal issues. Some antibiotics and we seem good to go. She's getting much better on her feet - scampering around the floor when we let her loose to play - she can move pretty fast these days. Got a giant box that gives her plenty of room to play but keeps her safe since she's still so small. Going on six weeks old now. I'm proud to say she's using the litter box all on her own, but solid food isn't quite all that appealing yet. We're working on that one. She's got this tube-y toy thing to crawl in and play in and the neighbor gave her this little stuffed yellow monkey that she bats around. And my niece got her this green floppy stuffed dog when she was here visiting - she loves to curl up next to it, and even under it if she can. She frequently sticks her head underneath it and all you can see is her little backside sticking out. Hopefully in a few more weeks she'll be weaned and ready to find a good home.

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  1. WOW she got SO pretty!!!!!! Good job Momma Cat!! 8)