Monday, March 16, 2009

Chocolate chip cookies anyone?

Who could resist a warm chocolate chip cookie fresh from the oven? That's the best time to eat them, in my opinion. With a cold glass of milk. The boss however, likes them after they've sat for a day. And since he whined repeatedly about bringing him cookies - I broke down and baked a batch. Or two. He is kinda sweet in his crabby way - and he's addicted to chocolate chip cookies apparently. Had to bake plenty so that everyone at home got some, and everyone else at work got some....and the boss got his own container (as he knows he will!). And I even shared some with a new Twitter friend from Lancaster Newspapers who stopped by to pick hers up. I do enjoy baking - and it's nice to have some place to share the goodies. I'm sure we don't need to eat all these calories ourselves!


  1. mmmmm I love cookies right from the oven too along with that glass of cold milk. Blessings, Mama Cat

  2. mmmm COOKIES :D

    First comment to your blog and its a cookie post.. haha go figure..

    Hope you are having a great weekend..