Saturday, March 7, 2009


Went out to run errands and decided to have dinner out at Friendly's. Not a bad little place to eat - and of course, the ice cream is always good. Embarrassed my daughter by shooting my straw paper at her. What fun - she actually leaned to the side right about the time I took aim and blew the straw paper - shot it right past her onto the next table - HA! Good thing only the waitress was over there cleaning the table off. Life's too short to act like an adult, right? Mom was a blast - she kept waving and making faces at a toddler two tables away. I'm sure his parents would have preferred that he actually sit and eat his dinner. Couldn't convince Mom to sit there and quit distracting him either. Taking an 86 year old woman with Alzheimer's out is certainly an experience and a challenge.


  1. sounds like a good time had by all! blowing the paper off of straws should be entered as an olympic sport I think! Bless you and your mum, alzheimers is very difficult to deal with ♥

  2. Adult, schmadult! One must have fun! And here's to embarrassing our children - always a fun pastime, though it can be a bit tougher the older they get.